Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Today I spent roughly twenty minutes accusing Pete of making me ugly. This happens every two weeks when we take my baby bump picture. I look in the mirror, and I'm not ugly; I look at Pete's picture of me, and I am ugly. So it stands to reason that it is his fault.

Sometimes he makes me look like I forgot to apply makeup or do my hair:

Sometimes he forgets to move the camera strap:

Sometimes he makes me look pasty and crazy:

And sometimes he gets bored and forgets which bump he's supposed to be documenting:

But every now and then, he stops making me ugly and lets me be a cute pregnant lady:

(23 weeks, baby!)


Britney said...

Hey Joy!! You don't know me, but I knew your husband at TM loooots of years ago! anyway, i just found your blog, and read, and kept reading. i usually don't read lots of wordy blogs (i just like pictures, ha!) but i love the way you write. you are just tooooo cute little lady. tell Pete that Britney Chhangur (used to be Britney Moore) says hello, and that i like his wife!! :)

Joy said...

Thanks for your note, Britney! I'll tell Pete hello. :)