Sunday, August 26, 2007

The blog spirit moves me

I don't know why, after three months of silence, I decide to post.

I'm reading Crime and Punishment right now. By "reading," I mean that I have a bookmark between the fifth and sixth page where I left off a week ago, and I carry the book with me everywhere. I don't think I will ever progress much further, because most places that I go have some other kind of reading material that is preferable, such as a brochure or phone book.

I am certain that some writers purposely make their readers work very hard. Is it for the benefit of the reader, who then feels a great measure of satisfaction in the drudgerous effort she applied to the act of reading? Or are some writers simply so arrogant that they think their work is actually worth all of the effort?

I'm sure it is worth the effort. But for now, a spankin new issue of the yellow pages is in, and I'm afraid C&P will just have to wait.