Saturday, June 21, 2008

Heaven and Birthdays

For my 8th birthday I had a tea party. By noon on December 14, the table was set with a white table cloth, flowers, a platter of pink cupcakes and my mom's eclectic china set. I looked at the beautiful spread, admired my floral dress in the mirror, and threw up on the kitchen floor out of sheer excitement.

I've cooled down a little since then, but I still anticipate things pretty intently, and I enjoy doing so.

Which is why I hate surprises. At least, the kind of surprises when I know something is coming but can't know what it is. It's juvenile, it's silly, but it's true. My husband wanted to surprise me with our honeymoon location, but there was no way I could have let that happen. I annoyed him to a breaking point and never regretted it. We poured over travel books and I bought about a dozen bikinis that I haven't worn since.

I think this is why it's hard for me to anticipate heaven. Heaven is like God saying, "Listen, I'm planning our honeymoon. That's all I'm telling you. Nope - no pictures. Nope - no travel books. I'm not even going to tell you if it's tropical."

He probably figures that if I knew, I would throw up all over the kitchen.


Samantha F. said...

Hee hee, read the book by Heidi Baker's father in law. I think it's called "Visions Behind the Veil".

Basically, he was a missionary to china taking care of little children. These kids were like 6-12. Well, they started having visions of heaven!! They'd go off in a vision and be gone running around in heaven for HOURS!! Lucky little blighters!

Loved the book. Believed the book.

Don't barf on the kitchen floor.

Pete and Joy said...

I'll take a couple anti-nausea pills before I open it to read.

Pete and Joy said...

HAHA! Joy you happened to leave your blog on the screen at work and I'm so happy you did. The more I read anything you've written the more convinced I am that you should keep writing. Thanks for the entertainment.

love, Heather