Monday, December 10, 2007



I've discovered that I can only use the word accomplished in a singular situation. "I have accomplished my goal to finish my school assignment due today." I never actually feel accomplished, in a global sense. There is always something else to be done. No matter how satisfied my brain feels as it drifts off to sleep, it awakes the next morning with a whole new set of goals. I can make lists and I can check items off. But I am never accomplished.

I think about how writers or other professionals are often deemed "accomplished." I wonder if any of them, at the end of their career actually feel like they got it all done. I suppose it comes down to knowing your purpose. But how do you put a limit on your purpose? There has to be a limit if it's going to be realized.

Even when Jesus said, "it is finished," he didn't mean all of it. I guess in a sense, he did: salvation is here, it's done. But he wasn't FINISHED finished. He sent his spirit so that we could continue the work and join in on the story that is still unfolding.

I find rest in the fact that eternity is written on the hearts of man.

I don't think I'll ever feel entirely accomplished. I think that is because I was made for eternity.


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Samantha F. said...

You know, this sounds terribly morbid, but I always thought that the reason someone dying feels so unnatural is because it IS unnatural. We weren't meant to do that, you know??

In the Victorian sense, a girl who was accomplished was one who was superior in all manners. She was skilled, intelligent, resourceful, and pleasing. (And that would be the way that someone would describe you, girly, after spending ten minutes with you!)

Honestly, what I want to say Joy, is that you are a delight. (I keep trying to describe the experience of you to you, so that you can appreciate it!) I always think, "There's no way that she can top the last impression that I had of her." And I'm always surprised and delighted anew by you.

I don't think you try either! Mind boggling!! >_<